Past travels

Experienced by Margaret Beaumont-Savvas


This website is sort of like a blog which I created based on the previous international trips I have experienced. I have also travelled to various cities across Canada such of Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Vancouver and Winnipeg. However, my adventures and memories of travelling to foreign countries is a lot more interesting (at least in my point of view) to share with others.
Ever since I was little, all my summers were spent away from my hometown, Montreal. I think because of all these adventures, I just grew to love and appreciate travelling. When I can’t leave the country at least once a year, I genuinely start to feel down and even feel as though I’m trapped. Even my dream job includes being able to travel and live in different countries. I love experiencing new cultures and learning about the history of others.


Athens, Greece (2009) Yorkshire & Devon, England (2008/2011) Bermuda (2012) Paris & Barcelona (2013) China, Hong kong & Macau (2014) Tokyo, Japan (2016)